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My idea, shown herewith, is the presentation of a patent for an extension of the common concept of kitchen. 

A technician, seeing it, would probably define it as a catalytic combustion system of cogeneration with thermal conduction at the lowest impedance and practically free of any combustion gas release in the cooking environment. 

Moreover it has features that increase the comfort and a high degree of efficiency.  

A non-technician may take a look at this kitchen and compare it with the normal, commercial ones with free fires.  

The cooking flame has a temperature range between 1,800 and 2,200 °K while water boils between 353 and 370 °K. 

Thermodynamics laws tells us that the difference in temperature is all wasted energy.  

The same can be said for the flame and the heat that is produced that is outside the perimeter of the pan or casserole: such heat may scald a finger put at a remarkable distance (i.e. 10”) over the pan.  

In this new kitchen, the heat produced is due to a catalytic combustion and this features reminds the antique heating stove of our grannies whose heating panel is incandescent but there is no free flame. 

This generator works at much lower temperatures: the hot plate for water will be around 390 °K (approx. 120 °C) while the frying one will be hardly over 470 °K (200 °C). 

The thermal contact is not through an ultra hot ionized gas such as the free flame but thanks to a soft membrane suitable of conducing heat in an excellent way. 

The combustion is restricted to the lower face of the membrane thus the combustion gases can be discharged through a simple exhaust duct, but, being still hot, they can exchange their heat with some device internal to the kitchen and so heat up sanitary water or domestic heating/conditioning. 

If the combustion occurs within a fuel cell the same cooking or heating can produce electric energy. 

Temperature will be easily controlled and a small computer may optimize the combustion and further reduce the energetic waste or control the cooking: an example is to control the boiling and, in that moment, reduce the emission if you have to cook pasta or turn it off and ring the buzzer if you are heating up milk, without spilling it. 

The heat generated inside the kitchen can also be used to heat up the cell of an air-conditioning and with it heat up or cool down your home or the sanitary water in a small recipient located inside the stoving area.

Obviously nothing can refrain from producing such a system without the cooking stove: it would be perfectly suitable to be used in small firms.

Though the system has high production costs, its low exercise and maintenance costs will allow to amortize within 3 years.




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